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As a busy mom of 3, police wife and HR Director, I needed someone to hold me accountable, motivate me and work around my crazy schedule.  From day one, Rob made me feel comfortable and pushed me to set goals and hold myself accountable.      


Rob keeps me motivated through creative workouts that vary in exercise, reps, sets and weight.  I look forward to each session.  He is skilled at pushing me hard enough to achieve the goals we set to increase strength and build muscle tone.  I have been working with Rob for 3 months and have seen an increase in my energy level and muscle tone and my strength has improved immensely.  


Rob is encouraging, goal-orientated, patient, supportive and professional.  Everything I want in a personal trainer.  He will give you the confidence and tools to reach your fitness goals and will help you make healthy lifestyle changes.

Denise R., HR Director

Rob and Frontline Fitness 302 are exceptional. After a 10-year break from doing any gym training, I joined an entry-level class he was coaching. A full year later, and we've been able to grow our fitness levels. Rob provides clear, concise instruction to all levels -- novice to expert. He takes the time to learn about his clients and develops programming specific to meet their needs and any limitations clients may have. His calm, encouraging demeanor works exceptionally well for those unfamiliar with workouts. 


Rob's programming is great! His workouts are challenging, interesting, creative, and fun. He's constantly looking to change things up to keep clients from getting bored. 


Rob is reliable, has the perfect personality for coaching, and works hard to help his clients achieve their goals. I highly recommend Rob and Frontline Fitness 302 to help you meet your fitness goals.

Kim S., Retired Nurse

 Rob has always been great to work with! He is accepting of everyone's fitness levels and knows how to help each person during class, whether it be with form or motivating them. Each class keeps me on my toes but I know I will get a lot out of it!

Ashley M.

Outdoor Fitness

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